Thursday, January 31, 2013

The EASIEST sock bun tutorial you'll ever see!

Hey everyone!
thanks for tuning in! Today we're going to talk about this famous sock bun that's going on right now! What is it? It's literally like  it sounds, it's a bun made from a sock! below i will go over step by step how to create this look with long and short hair! ready! Here we go!

First you will start out by getting an old tube sock. (the longer the bigger your bun!) Those with short hair don't want to make it too big or you will be able to see the sock. Make sure when selecting the color of the sock it's not too different from your hair. For example I chose black because my hair is very dark brown.

2nd step: Take the sock and cut the unopened end off.
3rd step: You will take the sock and place your forearm through it, and roll it up!
4th step: Roll the sock all the way up so it forms into a doughnut shape!
5th step: Place your hair in a normal pony tail.The higher the pony the higher your bun!
6th step: Place the doughnut shaped sock around your pony by pulling your pony through the center hole.
7th step: after doing this, your pony should be sticking out the center hold. spread your pony around the doughnut shaped sock!
And last step of all:
Secure it with a hair tie, touch up with some hair spray (i love kenra) and Voila! THE SOCK BUN!
How easy was that!? I hope to see you all walking with this sock bun! If you guys have any questions feel free to contact me and i will email you back as soon as i can! Love you all! tune in sunday for the big sexy wave tutorial!
Much love! XoXo
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