Monday, January 28, 2013

Hair, hair, hair..and more hair...

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First off, let's start by talking about length. Everyone is letting their hair grow out now, it's the thing. You want those long waves, and summer beach look. here are 5 tips to helping your hair grow faster!

1. Vitamins. take take take! Always a multivit, but you can also add some biotin in there. Biotin is the main source in healthy long hair and nails!

2. Avoid heat at any cost! (blow dryers, sun, flat irons, etc. ) any heat source, but if you must use heat always always always use a heat protectant. I love the product called It's a 10. They have an oil that penetrates into the hair shaft to not only restore but also protect. Always wear a hat in the sun as well! (don't forget your sun screen!)

3. Avoid the hair towel. Did you know putting a towel on wet hair causes more breakage than anything!? Blot your hair dry and avoid rubbing at all cost. Yes your hair grabs a lot of moisture but that's because it's thirsty! Give it a drink of some deep conditioner! I recomment It's a 10 miracle mask!
*also i recommend a hot oil treatment once a week to get the blood flow going! (sally's supply house has Jojaba oil treatments for a dollar!)

4. Silk, silk, silk! What do i mean by this? Silk pillow cases make it so that while sleeping you're hair is rubbing against something smoothe, and not causing breakage. Regular pillow cases cause so much friction to your hair while tossing and turning in your sleep! This will elimate some to most of that friction!

and last but not least.

5. TRIM! yes, I do know that your hair grows from the scalp not from the ends. So how could this possibly help? You're ends become dry and damaged and begin to break, once they break that end is no longer there, and the more it's exposed to damage the more it will break causing your hair to look blah and stringy, and become even shorter and shorter. (which is why most people say, "My hair never gets past this length!) Not true, it does but it breaks off in the process. TRIM THOSE ENDS!

Stay tuned for tomorrow! we'll be talking about how to get those BIG sexy waves!!!

thanks for all your support guys! Leave some comments and let me know what you think!

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