Monday, January 28, 2013

Cheap Products that WORK!

We've all had it....grease spots in photos, pale legs in that one picture at the little black dress party.. Where does it end!! This is my FIRST blog so I am learning the just of things but here it goes 5 drug stores purchases that will honestly change your life!!!!

1: Not Your <3 Mother's Sea Salt spray-under$5

This spray gives you that "just got out of the ocean" beach hair look! It's product infused with kelp and dead sea salt and amazing coconut smells leaves your waves more beautiful than ever and still time left to enjoy that morning coffee!!

2: Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs-under$10

Want the tan but not all the harm to your skin?? Want to have those tan legs for that little black dress cocktail party? Or maybe that just flawless airbrush look! This is the go to product for that!

3:  Clean and Clear oil blotting sheets-under $4

These $3 sheets fit right in your purse or wristlet allowing you to blot the oil but not the makeup! Perfect for those nights out with the girls and picture time!!

4: Apricot Facial Scrub-under $4
Do this once to twice a week and let your skin breathe!!! Removing those dead skin cells will not only make your skin feel fresh but you will look more radiant than ever!!  ( be careful not to over exfoliate!)

And last but not least my favorite of all 

The  Loreal BB cream! Yes you've heard the rage and I broke down and tried it. I still do my night out makeup but its perfect for that natural look and not only does it work as a foundation but it does 8-10 great things for your skin such as enhance, perfect correct, etc!

Hope you guys all benefit from these products and tune back in because the blogs will get much better once I figure this system out!

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