Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hey guys!
Sorry to keep you waiting for so long on posts! In this post let me tell you a little about myself..
I am VERY new at blogging, and it just started for fun but is turning into something i love!
I am a licensed cosmetologist, But i am currently out of a salon because I am attending school to get my degree in business :). While I'm away from the salon I still do hair and LOVE doing it, it's my passion. I currently work at a Pharmacy and love my coworkers. I am from a very small town where you look to your left and right and all you see are cornfields. I don't care what anyone says, I LOVE makeup and everyone should. My favorite color is tiffany blue, I love MAC makeup. I am 22 years old and I'll be 23 this summer come august. I come from a very small family, and it's just my mom and i that live in the house. When I was 18 we lost my dad to a short battle with cancer, and I miss him every day! I have a lot of tattoos, and i feel that tattoos are not to be judge on that it's a form of art and expression, and that's exactly what mine are! I live to have fun, and love to live!
Questions are welcome about any of my posts! thanks guys so much for all of your support!


Give me some ideas of what you want to know!


  1. I want to know about covering dark circles? What are your tips and tricks for those?

  2. Myranda! Dark circles are the worst. First off to cover anything you don't want to just pile concel. On top other wise you will look like you just got mugged! I have this same issue. Use a green concelear under your eyes where the circles are prime first and apply the green with a concelear brush. Brushes allow more coverage. After using the green apply your normal make up sequence. Let me know how this works out for you!

  3. My sister is a cosmetologist! She is the only person who I let do my hair :)
    I am from a small town, too!

    Welcome to blogging!

  4. Stephanie i hear that so much! there are many people that only let me touch their hair, and a select few i let touch mine! i know how ya feel!


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