Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The tan!

Everyone knows that the hollywood look is that gorgeous glow, but we also know that to achieve that glow we either have to damage our skin, have a millon dollars$$, or turn the color of a pumpkin.yikes.... FALSE!
I recently stopped heading to the tanning bed after I read the statistics on how harmful it actually is on your skin.
<3 Did you know that just one trip to the tanning bed can heighten your chances of getting skin cancer by 75%?!
 How scary is that! So I decided to do a little research and I came across this place called Air-Tan located right in the heart of Broad Ripple Village in Indianapolis, IN.

Now before you all ask these questions..
What exactly is an air tan..I had the same questions:
I called Air-Tan and ask so many questions, they surely answered them but also directed me to their page at www.air-tan.com this tells you everything you need to do before, during, and after. There is also a video on their site as well!
Air tan is done by an actual person..(yes you can wear a bra if you wish) but if you don't want the tan lines, it's not necessary and believe me I was very nervous about that but i felt very comfortable.

when I went I got sprayed by Katie<3, she was very cool and laid back. She did such a great job. My tan was so even and golden everyone kept asking me how my vacation was.

Air tan last anywhere from 7-14 days and cost $30 but there are specials being ran all the time. For instance, I got one for $30 and half off the second one.

Air tan will not turn you orange: Their solution has a special formula and DHA to balance out the self tanner with your skin!

Air tan is so precise and it's flawless, my hand and feet also looked great.

 I would recommend this to anyone!

If you guys have any questions feel free to email me or contact Air-Tan themselves! What a great experience!

XoXo much love guys! And remember SUNSCREEN UP!

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